Loving and leading our community in the opportunity to produce vegetables, fruits and flowers to feed our bodies, beautify our community, and showcase God’s bountiful handiwork.

At Heart of Neighboring we acknowledge that not everyone has the ways and means to grow or purchase fruits and vegetables to encourage healthy eating habits. Beginning in the Spring of 2019 we will present the opportunity to feed our bodies healthy food via a community garden located on the grounds at Standale Church.

Many hands make light work! With a small weekly time commitment working together as a team, we can cultivate food, flowers, and friendship. A monthly potluck will be held and speakers/teachers will demonstrate cooking, canning, and preserving techniques. Participants will share the bounty of the gardens. Any food remaining will be donated to a local food truck or be used in the meal program at SRC.

The children of Kids’ Connection Christian Child Care Center (housed at Standale Church), the after school children’s program of HON, as well as the neighborhood children will have an opportunity to be involved with the community garden. We feel it is important to teach children where their food comes from and the benefits of healthy eating habits. Getting their hands dirty won’t hurt either!

Along with fruits and vegetables the community garden will acknowledge the beauty of God’s creation through flowers and meditation. A meditation path and prayer area will be integral parts of the garden to grow the mind, strengthen the soul, and give thanks.

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