Loving and leading people
to a brighter future

Building the mind, body, and soul of at-risk children

The Heart of Neighboring Beyond School program is for students in 2-4th grades who qualify for the Federal free/ reduced lunch program. Students from families with means are also eligible on a fee basis.

Our Beyond School program is focused on:

  • Inspiring students to learn
  • Helping students to make smart choices
  • Giving parents peace of mind

Life’s ups and downs affect everyone, children as well as adults. Depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, coping with grief, stress on the job or at school, family dysfunction – these and so many more issues can take their toll. They can impact our day to day functioning, and rob us of the joy we are created to experience. Addressing them can result in better health, increased energy, improved interactions with others, and can bring hope for a brighter future.

Our host church has provided sermons and classes to promote mental health education and will continue to do so in partnership with HoN.

Loving and leading our community in the opportunity to produce vegetables, fruits and flowers to feed our bodies, beautify our community, and showcase God’s bountiful handiwork.

At Heart of Neighboring we acknowledge that not everyone has the ways and means to grow or purchase fruits and vegetables to encourage healthy eating habits. Beginning in the Spring of 2019 we will present the opportunity to feed our bodies healthy food via a community garden located on the grounds at Standale Church.

As we grow, our key program areas will be to build brighter futures for at-risk youth through after-school programs, mental health support, community gardening, and affordable housing. With these key supports in place for our youth, we think they’ll be capable of achieving anything – don’t you?

We welcome your support to ensure our programs will touch many lives

All services and activities provided through Heart of Neighboring are currently funded by our donors – those with a heart to walk across the community and love and lead others to a brighter future.

Contributions can be made online.

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